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We receive a lot of email inquiries that are already answered in our FAQ, or somewhere else on CC’s site. Please check our FAQ and other basic resources for the answer to your question before writing. If you have a question about CC in your jurisdiction or want to get in touch with our local affiliates, you may be able to find contact information in our Jurisdiction Database.

These are some of the most commonly asked questions:

If you still need assistance, feel free to email us. Please, do not copy more than one of the addresses below. It will not get your question or concern answered any more quickly. Pick the one that seems most relevant to your issue, and if it turns out that it wasn’t the correct address then CC will forward it internally to the right group. Thanks.

Discussion and Community Participation

Please join the discussion! There are three main ways to jump into the discussion. Through our mailing lists (community, licenses, and development), by using our public wiki, and on our irc chat channel. Also, see the participate page if you are interested in specific ways to get involved with Creative Commons.


Community List

This is a wide ranging public discussion of topics related to Creative Commons, including general questions about CC licenses.

License Development and Versioning List

This is a moderated list focused on development and versioning of CC licenses.

Developers List

This is the place for general discussion of Creative Commons’ free and open source software projects and developer APIs.


Our public wiki is a place to develop a collective memory about Creative Commons, contribute to our on-going projects, and a great place to find ample amounts of ways to help grow the commons.


The CC developer community uses the IRC chat channel #cc on If that doesn’t make sense to you, you can read more here about hopping onto this chat channel to find out how to contribute. Please note, this channel is primarily used for free software-style development discussions, so it might be a bit technical.

Mountain View Office

Creative Commons
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phone: 1-650-294-4732
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Copyright infringement notifications

If you have reason to believe that any material or activity on a site controlled or operated by Creative Commons (such as or is infringing of the right(s) owned by you or someone else, for whom you have authority to act, please follow our DMCA Notice & Takedown Procedure.

Complaints about financial impropriety

As a nonprofit entity, the integrity of CC’s financial information is paramount. We have adopted Codes of Conduct that prohibit financial impropriety and protect whistle blowers who bring such irregularities to our attention.

If you are aware of any conduct prohibited by law or by our policies, you are encouraged to make a complaint, anonymously if you wish, to the members of the company’s Audit Committee. The email address for such complaints is which will forward your message automatically to the members of the Audit Committee. The Committee members are identified on our People page. You may also submit a complaint by post or fax to the attention of “Audit Committee” at our Mountain View address.

Creative Commons is a Massachusetts-chartered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable corporation. For more information, see the corporate charter, by-laws, most recent tax return and most recent audited financial statement.